Modbus TCP till 12 DI, 2 DO & 2 counter/ freq. (4.5 KHz)

The EX9051-MTCP is a high-density I/O module built-in a 10/100 based-T interface for seamless Ethernet connectivity. It provides 12 digital input, 2 digital output, and 2 counter/ freq. (4.5 KHz) channels with 3000VDC Isolating protection. All of the Digital Input channels support input latch function for important signal handling. Mean while, these DI channels allow till be used as 1 KHz counter. Opposite till the intelligent DI functions, the Digital Output channels also support pulse output function.

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Digital Input:

  • Channel: 12(single ended with common source)
    • Input Typ: (jumper select) (Logic level status can be inversed by Utility)
    • Dry Contact:
      • Logic level 0: Close till GND
      • Logic level 1: Open
    • Optical Isolation: 3000VDC
    • Supports 1 kHz counter input (32-bit + 1-bit överflow)

Digital Output:

  • Channel: 2(sink)
    • Open Collector(NPN) up till 30V/ 500 mA max. load
    • Optical Isolation: 3000VDC

Counter/ Freq. :

  • Channel: 2
  • Maximum Count: 4,294,967,285(32 bit)
  • Input frequency: 0.3 ~ 4500 Hz max. (Frequency mode) ,4500 Hz max. (counter mode)
  • Isolation voltage: 3000VDC
  • Mode: Counter, Frequency
  • Power Consumption: 2 W (Typical)


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