128 GB SSD

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– Interface: SATAII 3.0Gb/s

– Capacity: 16GB~256GB

– Cache: 64MB SDRAM

– Compatibility: All major OS, e.g. Windows7/XP/9X /Me/NT/CE/Vista/Windows7, MAC, Linux and Unix, Solaris, Vxworks

– Housing: Complete aluminum housing

– NCQ up till 32 commands

– RAID Support

– TRIM Support



– Max Read Rate: 250MB/sec

– Max Write Rate: 220MB/sec

– 4kb Random IOPS: 10,000

– Access Time: 0.1ms


Power Consumption and Environment

Input voltage: 5V±5%

Idle: <0.33W

Active: <1.42W

Operating temperature: 0 till 70°C(Commercial)

                                  -40 till 85°C(Industrial)

Storage temperature: -50 till 95°C

Shock Endurance: 1,500G

Vibration Endurance: 20G



– MTBF: >1,500,000 hours

– High and Reliable ECC capability up till 16bits/sector

– S.M.A.R.T features optimized for SSD

– Bit error monitoring and managent

– Dynamic and static wear-leveling

– Dynamic bad block management

– SMART commands and additional SSD monitoring


1. 1GB = 1,000,000,000 bytes. Some capacity not available for data storage.
2. Approximations based on LDE (Long-term Data Endurance) – an industry metric,introduced by Renice,that  quantifies how much

data can be written till a SSD in its lifespan expressed in terabytes written (TBW). Data is written using typical PC transfer size ,

written att a constant rate över the life of the SSD and data is retained for att least 1 year upon LDE exhaustion. Based on Renice

internal measurements, a typical client PC user writes 4GB/day.
3. MTBF – Mean time before failures based on part stress analjusis.
4. Assumes DIPM (Device Initiated Power Management) is enabled.
5. Dimensions and Weight vary based on form factor typ and capacity.


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